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Кожен ніс на Майдан, що міг:

Бинти, шприци і гарячий чай,

Молоко, лимони, бруківку,

Власний час і уміння й терпіння.

Шини, пляшки, власну віру,

Ділилися кров'ю, обіймами,

Касками, речами теплими,

Усім, що давалось в офіру.

Здвигнулись би стіни Єрусалимські

Та жертва не мила Тобі...

Тіла наших батьків і братів і коханих

і ще більше крові і плачу\

і увесь наш страх

і усі молитви

і серця смиренні й скорботні

у боротьбі

Принесені в офіру. Не погордуй.

Бо Майдан став вівтарем жертовним,

і у Головній молитві головними слова:

І ізбави нас від лукавого

Ізбави нас від лукавого

Ізбави нас від лукавого



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суббота, 25 января 2014 г.

Open Letter from writer Yuri Andruchowytsch on the Current Situation in Ukraine

Dear friends, especially foreign journalists and editors,

These days I receive from you lots of inquiries requesting to describe the current situation in Kyiv and overall in Ukraine, express my opinion on what is happening, and formulate my vision of at least the nearest future. Since I am simply physically unable to respond separately to each of your publications with an extended analytical essay, I have decided to prepare this brief statement which each of you can use in accordance with your needs. The most important things I must tell you are as follows.

During the less than four years of its rule, Mr. Yanukovych's regime has brought the country and the society to the utter limit of tensions. Even worse, it has boxed itself into a no-exit situation where it must hold on to power forever-by any means necessary. Otherwise it would have to face criminal justice in its full severity. The scale of what has been stolen and usurped exceeds all imaginination of what human avarice is capable.

The only answer this regime has been proposing in the face of peaceful protests, now in their third month, is violence, violence that escalates and is "hybrid" in its nature: special forces' attacks at the Maidan are combined with individual harassment and persecution of opposition activists and ordinary participants in protest actions (surveillance, beatings, torching of cars and houses, storming of residences, searches, arrests, rubber-stamp court proceedings). The keyword here is intimidation. And since it is ineffective, and people are protesting on an increasingly massive scale, the powers-that-be make these repressive actions even harsher.

The "legal base" for them was created on January 16, when the Members of Parliament fully dependent on the President, in a crude violation of all rules of procedure and voting, indeed of the Constitution itself, in the course of just a couple of minutes (!) with a simple show of hands (!) voted in a whole series of legal changes which effectively introduce dictatorial rule and a state of emergency in the country without formally declaring them. For instance, by writing and disseminating this, I am subject to several new criminal code articles for "defamation," "inflaming tensions," etc.

Briefly put, if these "laws" are recognized, one should conclude: in Ukraine, everything that is not expressly permitted by the powers-that-be is forbidden. And the only thing permitted by those in power is to yield to them. Not agreeing to these "laws," on January 19 the Ukrainian society rose up, yet again, to defend its future.

Today in television newsreels coming from Kyiv you can see protesters in various kinds of helmets and masks on their faces, sometimes with wooden sticks in their hands. Do not believe that these are "extremists," "provocateurs," or "right-wing radicals." My friends and I also now go out protesting dressed this way. In this sense my wife, my daughter, our friends, and I are also "extremists." We have no other option: we have to protect our life and health,as well as the life and health of those near and dear to us. Special forces units shoot at us, their snipers kill our friends. The number of protesters killed just on one block in the city's government quarter is, according to different reports, either 5 or 7. Additionally, dozens of people in Kyiv are missing.

We cannot halt the protests, for this would mean that we agree to live in a country that has been turned into a lifelong prison. The younger generation of Ukrainians, which grew up and matured in the post-Soviet years, organically rejects all forms of dictatorship. If dictatorship wins, Europe must take into account the prospect of a North Korea at its eastern border and, according to various estimates, between 5 and 10 million refugees. I do not want to frighten you.

We now have a revolution of the young. Those in power wage their war first and foremost against them. When darkness falls on Kyiv, unidentified groups of "people in civilian clothes" roam the city, hunting for the young people, especially those who wear the symbols of the Maidan or the European Union. They kidnap them, take them out into forests, where they are stripped and tortured in fiercely cold weather. For some strange reason the victims of such actions are overwhelmingly young artists-actors, painters, poets. One feels that some strange "death squadrons" have been released in the country with an assignment to wipe out all that is best in it.

One more characteristic detail: in Kyiv hospitals the police force entraps the wounded protesters; they are kidnapped and (I repeat, we are talking about wounded persons) taken out for interrogation at undisclosed locations. It has become dangerous to turn to a hospital even for random passersby who were grazed by a shard of a police plastic grenade. The medics only gesture helplessly and release the patients to the so-called "law enforcement."

To conclude: in Ukraine full-scale crimes against humanity are now being committed, and it is the present government that is responsible for them. If there are any extremists present in this situation, it is the country's highest leadership that deserves to be labeled as such.

And now turning to your two questions which are traditionally the most difficult for me to answer: I don't know what will happen next, just as I don't know what you could now do for us. However, you can disseminate, to the extent your contacts and possibilities allow, this appeal. Also, empathize with us. Think about us. We shall overcome all the same, no matter how hard they rage. The Ukrainian people, without exaggeration, now defend the European values of a free and just society with their own blood. I very much hope that you will appreciate this.

Translated from Ukrainian by Vitaly Chernetsky

пятница, 24 января 2014 г.

Ukrainian Poets at Euromaidan

Writers are always where their people are, and the people are on EuroMaidan.

Ukrainian artists, authors and critics have been supporting the students and the planned integration into European society at EuroMaidan. These activists have spent their days and nights in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine's capital city. Andrey Kurkov, Iren Rozdobudko, the Kapranov brothers, Oleh Kotsarev, Bohdan-Oleh Horobchuk, Pavlo Korobchuk, Olena Herasymyuk, Midna, Taras Malkovych, Khrystyna Vengryniuk, Dmytro Lazutkin, Andryi Bondar, Oleksandr Boichnko and others like them have dedicated their time and impassioned readings as participants in the protest for freedom.

One of the first literary events, held near the Liadski Gate, and next to the burning wood that kept the people warm was the reading of "At the Barrels". During this evening performance the faces of the activists and artists appeared on a huge screen for all to see while electic generators buzzed in the background. Young people, standing in line for hot tea were able to watch and listen to Andruchowytsch, Karpa, Dnistrovyi, Babkina, Polezhaka and Malihon recite their poetry into megaphones.

Other memorable Euromaidan events included the active participation of Ukrainian authors, such as Irena Karpa and Svitlana Povaliayeva that took place in shifts at night.There was a raid on Mazhyhirya, otherwise known as Yanukovych's luxurious residence by poets, incl. Andriy Liubka. Morning coffee sessions with Oleksandr Irvanets was held in the famous café, Kupidon. There was a similar Euromaidan in the city of Kharkiv which was organized by Serhiy Zhadan and supported by Oksana Zabuzhko. A joyous celebration for Christmas and the New Year was held on both Maidan Squares. A special space for artistic actions was created in the centre of Kyiv and called, 'The Art Barbakan'. Here nightly readings of poetry and prose were presented to the numerous literature-lovers who were gathered there.

Another act of protest took place at the prison in Lukyanivka. Here writers were put into a situation where they could be arrested for arriving wearing masks and helmets and pans on their heads, otherwise known as grounds for arrest under the new 'dictator' laws. All-in-all, a significant attempt was made to display the absurd nature of these laws.

It is suggested that every day special attention should be drawn to the creative expression of writers' perceptions of the given situation at Maidan. This can easily be accomplished on respective Facebook pages. For example, so far Yuri Izdryk posted new revolutionary poems, Irena Kapra sang little revolutionary songs and Andryi Liubka, Oleksandr Boichenko and Andriy Bondar have been analyzing the scale of the current events, suggesting possible solutions and sharing the news of the day.

Written by Nata Koval

пятница, 22 февраля 2013 г.

Чим ближче до закінчення зими тим важче дається кожен наступний день. Розсотується багнюка по закутках, м’якшає, м’якшає в купах брудного снігу. Падає стара черепиця із дахів таких же старих літніх кухонь, - та на те вони й літні. Шукаєш себе у послідовності звуків, послідовності крапель, що падають з даху І в тому, що лишилось за вікном кухні від замерзлого шматка сала - Синиці туди більше не прилітають, не прилітають навіть дрозди. І тільки самотнім з людей – добре: їм брешуть зорі з екранів і неба Що от прийде Панна, все буде як треба, все станеться й буде, буде І навіть сусідська буда обросте целофаном і у ній зовсім скоро заквітнуть тюльпани або огірки. Орнаментами у багнюці стають тротуарні відбитки від підошов Вибачте, цей світ мені так і не підійшов, чи не знайдеться на розмір більший

среда, 26 декабря 2012 г.

самотність – це коли прокидаєшся від відчуття порожнечі
відвертість – це коли вже не врятуватися втечею
якщо тобі страшно – я пройду першою,
буду твоїм особистим Предтечею
я не боюсь, і знаєш, до речі, -
я тобі не казала, але насправді я сіль
сіль сіль життя, концентрація зілля
сіль у страві, я все зроблю стравним
 навіть коли просто питаю,
як твої справи, ти знаєш, я сіль,
і я не буваю неправа.
ти кажеш, що я смачна, у ямці
між шиєю і ключицею але я –
 солена морська вода
 журавлині ключі – це я.
не нам розрізняти добро і зло
не нам в чорне й біле писати світ
 ти ще не знаєш, як тобі повезло
 та дізнаєшся після страти – сіль.
 легше смерть чи покута
 ніж говорити відверто
мені, ніж порожнеча,
краще вздовж моря іти собі
в одних тільки джинсах потертих
за мить як врешті між собою заговоримо.

пятница, 21 декабря 2012 г.

малий, не так все просто
 не так легко, малий,
не так швидко
 сніг засипає нам зір, аж млосно
 можна і вдома просидівши стати диким
 малий, поки ти спав
 я навчилась ковтати дні
 не розжовуючи лише запиваючи
чимось міцним як бренді
 з горлА, як ковтають вогонь циркачі
 як іноді плавлять метал малий,
що мені ці замети,
 що мені говорити з тобою по скайпу
 ти вже звичка ти дивна комета
 ти крещендо крізь сон крізь пальці
 тримайся, малий, куріння вбиває
 від сліз тремтять руки і болить голова
 до літа не скоро, до неба - не близько
 це тільки початок, лиш почАлась зима
 почАтки пшениці потоптані снігом
 початки тебе стали холодом в лапах
 тримайся малий, зима ляже сніпом,
 тримайся, люби, пиши мені в скайпі

понедельник, 3 декабря 2012 г.

забери і мене

Просто, буває,

виростаєш, -і стає тісно,

І стає прісно, і млосно стає, і пізно

Наші стелі вже такі різні, скатертини такі морозні, пакую валізи

душі наші у пісок втиснені, стежки важким взуттям стоптані

дороги нездолані, трави нескошені, а пам'ять потоплена

розсуваємо фіранки, визираємо нишком через кватирку

гей-гей, широкий світе, блакитне світло і місячні скрипи

молочний шлях, сузір’я Риб, Андромеда і всякі туманності

як там на небі, вікна затемнені, кватирка вузька,

просто отак не вибратись

пальці по шибі малюють риб, рухаються без хиб

плавники їхні гострі, риби пливуть росою,

скапують згори вниз, згори вниз, згори вниз…

якщо таки зможеш вибратись, випливти,

виплисти разом з рибами, вибути з цього простору

просто вилетіти шулікою крізь кватирку

забери і мене

в нічне небо

в нічне небо